Looking for innovative and secure video veryfication and electronic sign tool?

How Inperly works?

For identity verification participants need to scan QR codes using eDO App (designated mobile application for Polish eID). After that need to follow instructions in the eDO App, using a 4-digit PIN. The process ends with passing only to the host’s stage with verified data from eID like the photo, full name, and pesel number.

For the signing process with eDO App, you can sign any PDF file. The process of signing is slightly like identity verification, where it starts from a QR code. Remember to use 6-digit PIN for advanced signature. The process ends by generating a new file with extension *.signed, as the original file.

why Inperly?

You have Microsoft teams
looking for fast and easy esign, verified tool
world based identity providers
Microsoft billing
easy to start from marketplace

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