MS Dynamics 365 F&O implementation

This is the core of us. The implementation of the ERP system is the reason why we’ve decided to create our company. The design and building of the new system which will help You and your company is the clue of our activity. For all of us, together, the new system is something which we will build and something that will help many people. Someday we’ll say „goodbye” but the results of our teamwork will stay with you, dear Partner. ​

How do we work?​

All our activities are based on implementation methodologies. It’s obvious that we need to know your processes, your requirements, we need to create new functionalities, we need to train You and your team. You, dear Partner, you need to test it. But we prefer to speak about the Way, about the methods of how we are collaborating with Partners. ​

With waterfall or agile methodology, we are always focusing on You, on your requirements, dear Partner. That’s why we are using very often words such as „TOGETHER” and „PARTNERSHIP”. Partnership and work together are the most important factors of successful collaboration. ​

We’d like to help you with the implementation but also with the team management. The people, the team are the most important part of the implementation. We’ll provide expertise knowledge how the system can meet your expectation and we’ll help you with the team management during the implementation process. ​

Agile or waterfall methodology, our proposed project plan will include phases: Discovery, Initiation, Build, Development, Solution Testing, Deployment and Support Transition. In our opinion, the most important parts of the implementation are the Build phase, phase of Analysis and Design of the system and Training and Tests. Based on our experience these are the crucial phases for the implementation and we will do our best to provide the best results during these and all of parts of the project.


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