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We deliver complete software solutions for a variety of industries and support your company in every step, from selling licenses, to implementation and support.

We will advise on how get the most value out of Dynamics 365 software and assist with taking advantage of each industry-specific function built into the product, so you can run your business better.

We know that each industry has a unique set of challenges and our team has an experience to help your company find the right and tailored software solution.

Supply Chain Management

Wholesalers and distributors face many challenges managing diverse product inventories, fluctuating supply chains and fast-changing customer demands.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 supports distributor merchant and wholesale organisations in the process of transitioning from trading companies into customer service-oriented distribution business.

With implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 organisations can deal with customer demand for lower prices and faster delivery times, and merchants can collaborate and communicate efficiently with their partners in the supply chain.


Manufacturing businesses need software that supports the many challenges they face in today’s global market. Manufacturers need intelligent manufacturing software that streamline processes, automate the supply chain, provide greater visibility into operations and provide accurate information to enable faster and smarter work.

Dynamics 365 is designed to help manufacturing companies optimise operational efficiencies, as well as simplify processes and reduce waste. Manufacturers can consistently deliver high standards and keep customers happy with consistently high quality and compliant products. System Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows you to gain in-depth insight into the production process to locate cost savings and opportunities for business growth.


In today’s world, it is crucial for any organization operating on the domestic and international market to have up-to-date knowledge of its resources and real-time access to this data.

The unification of processes and their automation is no less important. Data analysis and process management allows you to maximize the company’s value by minimizing the risk of losing potential benefits from improper management of enterprise resources.

The Dynamics 365 F&O system allows you to maximize the company’s value through real-time management of enterprise resources, data prediction, and insight into financial and tax data. The Dynamics 365 F&O system, thanks to its modular structure, allows you to build an ERP platform for almost every organization, offering implementation, among others financial business processes occurring in almost every organization, offering highly specialized tools for data integration and reporting. The Dynamics 365 system is also a platform whose architecture and operation in the MS Azure service enables expansion with new functionalities dedicated to the client, perfectly integrated with solutions such as MS Office 365.


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