7F Technology Partners

We support our clients at every stage of the system implementation during and after MS Dynamics implementation.

We also advise on the selection of an ERP system, help design the scope of implementation, migrate data and implement the system.

Our Services

We specialize in:

Finance, Retail, Warehouses, Production, Real Estate Management, Logistic, Supply Chain Management.


This is the core of us. The implementation of the ERP system is the reason why we’ve decided to create our company. The design and building of the new system which will help You and your company is the clue of our activity. For all of us, together, the new system is something which we will build and something that will help many people.

Someday we’ll say „goodbye” but the results of our teamwork will stay with you, dear Partner.


Our experience allows collaborating with Partner according to a standard waterfall or agile methodology.

We are open, we are flexible. We are waterfall, agile. We’d like to be your trustworthy partner.​

Our main goal is support and optimize your system.


We are living in very dynamic world. MS Dynamics market is still changing. ​Most of our team has teached our Partners how to work according to the methodology, how to use the system, how to create documentation or describe requirements.



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We take care of the system and actively develop by following customer expectations.

We provide our own solutions dedicated to finance departments. 7F Technology Partners can offer up to the minute complete Dynamics 365 support for your company.

Our consultants are available to work in Europe and we’re open for worldwide collaboration. We are based in Poland and the United Kingdom.

Our team covers all support areas and can deliver high-quality and high-efficiency service for your company.

We focus on quality for customers but also, we’re trying to optimize costs of the support and development.

We’re aware that those 2 indicators, quality and costs and also the time are the most important for the customer.

Address: Twarda 18, Warszawa, Woj. Mazowieckie 00-105, PL

KRS 0000817053, REGON 384998156, NIP 5252808738

Privacy Policy

Tel.: +48 604 530 557

Email: contact@7f-tp.com