One of the most common scenarios of the process of digitizing the company’s operations is the implementation of an ERP system and a CRM system.

Companies that implement an ERP system, such as MS Dynamics 365 FO, most often choose MS Dynamics 365 CE. MS Dynamics 365 FO is a sophisticated, scalable, highly efficient and extensible ERP platform. MS Dynamics 365 CE is an application platform based on the Model-Driven Apps concept, which includes such applications as: Sales, Marketing, Field services or Project operations. Both platforms form a kind of ecosystem digitizing the company’s operations, which must be integrated with each other. Users of MS Dynamics 365 applications can integrate them in many ways, for example using the data bus in Azure, but the recommended and highly efficient and scalable service is the Dataverse service.

The Dataverse service allows you to integrate the D365CE platform with the D365 FO and the Power Apps platform in a few simple steps


Standard and custom tables within Dataverse provide a secure and cloud-based storage option for your data. Tables let you create a business-focused definition of your organization’s data for use within apps. Easy to manage – Both the metadata and data are stored in the cloud. Easy to secure – Data is securely stored so that users can see it only if you grant them access. Role-based security allows you to control access to tables for different users within your organization. Access your Dynamics 365 Data – Data from your Dynamics 365 applications is also stored within Dataverse, allowing you to quickly build apps that use your Dynamics 365 data and extend your apps with Power Apps. Rich metadata – Data types and relationships are used directly within Power Apps. Logic and validation – Define calculated columns, business rules, workflows, and business process flows to ensure data quality and drive business processes. Productivity tools – Tables are available within the add-ins for Microsoft Excel to increase productivity and ensure data accessibility.

Dataverse provides integration templates, thanks to which the production start of integration can be shortened as much as possible. Originally, the Dataverse service was called Dual write, which owes its name to its basic functionality: double writing in the D365FO database and simultaneous writing in the D365CE database, thanks to which both databases are always synchronized. Dataverse is part of the Power Platform. Microsoft Dataverse is the default datastore for Microsoft Power Platform. Microsoft Dataverse allows you to store many types of data in customizable tables. Depending on your data needs, you can store structured and unstructured data in one or more environments. Microsoft Dataverse provides extensive security, filtering, and search capabilities within the boundaries of the environment. The Microsoft Dataverse API and logical functions are used to create and maintain workflows in line with the needs of the application.

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